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“If You Don’t Agree, Unfriend Me”

I’ve heard sentences of the form “If you [don’t agree with the blindingly-obvious point that I just made], unfriend me” a lot lately. And while I sympathize with the sentiment, I have to disagree with the tactic. The message is, … Continue reading

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A Mother’s Day Sermon

I ran across “Mother and Grandmother”, a Mother’s Day sermon by one Edwin Whitney Bishop from May 14, 1911, about a hundred years ago, and was curious to see what it might say. The first surprise came in the first sentence: A … Continue reading

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Would You Get Off the Plane?

There’s an old joke about an instructor who asks, “if you were on a plane, and found out that the inflight systems were controlled by a beta version of software written by your team, would you get off the plane?” … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Pho

Yesterday, around dinner time, we started digging through the Thanksgiving leftovers to see what looked good. M wanted soup. Great. Except that we didn’t have enough noodles for a decent soup, but we did have maifun rice noodles, so we … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Rules

This year, I’m hosting Thanksgiving. Hooray! I’m a grownup! I’m looking forward to it. There are, however, some rules: Smoking: As the saying goes, there is no heaven or hell; just smoking and non-smoking. To that end, there will be … Continue reading

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RIP Rachel at Cardholder Services

Well, that was fun: <ring> <ring> “Hi, this is Carmen at Cardholder Services, blah blah” [press 1] [wait] “Cardholder Services.” “Hi! What happened to Rachel?” “She died.” <click>

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Productive Weekend

Helped GF clean out her basement. Damn, she had a lot of crap down there.

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