Ironic Story Is Ironic

This Is Plymouth (Devon, UK) reports:

A CHURCH worker whose job was to protect young people from abuse had thousands of indecent pictures of children, a court heard.

Married father-of-four Christopher Jarvis, aged 49, advised the Roman Catholic Church in Plymouth how to keep youngsters safe but had more than 4,000 pornographic images of children, Plymouth Magistrates’ Court was told.

At this point, I’m suffering from irony fatigue, so supply your own punchline in the comments. The winner gets… oh, I don’t know. How about if I transubstantiate an item of baked goods into the deity of your choice?

On a more tragic note, the thing preventing me from simply pointing at a bunch of hypocritical fucktards and giggling is the fact that Jarvis appears to be a victim himself:

Jodie Baker, for Jarvis, said he had been the victim of abuse. She said he was abused aged 11 by a family friend through a church social club.

Miss Baker said: “At the age of 16 or 17 he admitted to a priest that he had a homosexual encounter and he was then abused by that priest.”

She said that two suicide attempts which led to Jarvis being arrested and produced in custody were ‘half-hearted’ and a ‘cry for help’.

Is there anyone the Catholic church hasn’t fucked up? (*cough*LouisCK*cough*)

And could someone tell me why anyone still remains a Catholic? It’s not like there aren’t other churches out there. In the US, at least, it’s a buyer’s market and always has been.

5 thoughts on “Ironic Story Is Ironic”

  1. They remain catholic because it’s ingrained in them. They believe the bad things the priests and other folks of power in the church do is human – not related to the culture of the denomination itself. They turn a blind eye because they believe if these evil people are contrite and apologetic, their God forgives them. It’s easier that way than to question it all.


    1. Remember the conversation we had about believing things for which there’s no evidence, simply because you want them to be true?

      I want to believe that people are better than this.


      1. Some people are better than this but there are those that can’t get past what they grew up believing. As much as some recovering catholics want to believe it’s all bullshit, the fact is that it’s IN them. They think the PEOPLE are what’s wrong, not the religion that condones it. And, what’s worse, they think if those people say they’re sorry (oops, God, didn’t mean to do that), then it’s all okay. Their sins are forgiven.

        Some people are better than this. The brainwashed folks are not.


  2. Catholics stay in the Catholic church because they aren’t very smart and they were brainwashed when they were children. I grew up in the Catholic church, and they really have you believe that there can’t be another church, and you will go to hell if you don’t stay. There is nothing wrong with the religion, but there is everything wrong with the way this church abuses the practice of it.

    Parents – keep your kids away from Catholic priests.

    It is still dangerous in 2011, despite how they will lie and tell you otherwise, Take a look at this year’s stories in Philadelphia, KC, Ireland, and dozens of sites where they have been caught. Catholics still defend their pedophile protection program.

    You can still save your kids if they haven’t been abused by a priest yet.


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