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Pope Accused of Covering Up Child Rape in Argentina

Just a reminder that the Catholic Church’s child-abuse coverup scandal isn’t over. According to Le Monde (in French only; sorry. But here’s a story from last year about this case), lawyers are accusing the Catholic church of covering up child … Continue reading

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Ironic Story Is Ironic

This Is Plymouth (Devon, UK) reports: A CHURCH worker whose job was to protect young people from abuse had thousands of indecent pictures of children, a court heard. Married father-of-four Christopher Jarvis, aged 49, advised the Roman Catholic Church in … Continue reading

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Teasing Information Out of Noise

Bennett Haselton has an interesting article at Slashdot about how to develop a “scientific” test for child pornography. Given that Slashdot is all about technology and gadgets and stuff, you might expect the article to describe a new image-recognition algorithm … Continue reading

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