Unselfconscious Statement O’ the Day

Found at Dembski’s House of Evolution Denialism:

Uncommon Descent has been debunking anthropogenic global warming since the website began 3.5 years ago. We have a keen nose for bogus science here, folks.

Good thing there’s now a Micro Center in town, ‘cos I need a new keyboard.

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4 Responses to Unselfconscious Statement O’ the Day

  1. Eamon Knight says:

    From the inimitable DaveScot, of course. One reason I have a warm spot in my heart for Dave Heddle (despite disagreeing with him over damn near everything), is his smack-down of DaveScot over some stupid ignorant thing he said about physics in Sandwalk comments a couple of years back.


  2. arensb says:

    Even if he were imitable, who would want to?

    I don’t remember whether DaveScot thinks 9/11 was a conspiracy as well, but it wouldn’t surprise me.


  3. Calli Arcale says:

    The statement of course makes sense if you realize that “bogus science” is meant to be read as “stuff which conflicts with our preconceived notions”. Amusing, though. 😉

    Be wary of Microcenter, though. You’ll get a great deal on your keyboard, but be sorely tempted by many other cool geeky things!


  4. arensb says:

    Calli Arcale:

    but be sorely tempted by many other cool geeky things!

    Thanks, but your warning came several hundred dollars too late.


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