Unselfconscious Statement O’ the Day

Found at Dembski’s House of Evolution Denialism:

Uncommon Descent has been debunking anthropogenic global warming since the website began 3.5 years ago. We have a keen nose for bogus science here, folks.

Good thing there’s now a Micro Center in town, ‘cos I need a new keyboard.

4 thoughts on “Unselfconscious Statement O’ the Day”

  1. From the inimitable DaveScot, of course. One reason I have a warm spot in my heart for Dave Heddle (despite disagreeing with him over damn near everything), is his smack-down of DaveScot over some stupid ignorant thing he said about physics in Sandwalk comments a couple of years back.


  2. The statement of course makes sense if you realize that “bogus science” is meant to be read as “stuff which conflicts with our preconceived notions”. Amusing, though. 😉

    Be wary of Microcenter, though. You’ll get a great deal on your keyboard, but be sorely tempted by many other cool geeky things!


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