Reality Can Be Mean


DUNDEE UNIVERSITY has been accused of “antagonising Christians” with a forthcoming Christmas lecture that challenges one of the central tenets of the faith.

Second-year dental student Emily Mackie said the university’s decision to call its inaugural Dundee Christmas Lecture “Why Evolution is Right … and Creationism is Wrong” is badly timed and insensitive to Christians.

The article shows a photo of Mackie holding a ticket to the lecture. Since she’s a dentist in training, maybe she can go and tell the lecturer how wisdom teeth are evidence of God’s design.

(HT Jesus and Mo.)

5 thoughts on “Reality Can Be Mean

  1. Antagonising Christians? If you want to antagonise literalists (which are far more of a minority in Europe than they are in the US) maybe you should point out that there are two creation stories in Genesis.

    I really wonder how someone can take a talk entitled Why Evolution is Right … and Creationism is Wrong on December 1 as an insult, and not take the commercialisation of Christmas as an even bigger insult. Let’s see – you take the birth of Jesus and celebrate it on a pagan holiday, add lots of pagan traditions like yule logs and Christmas trees…and then turn it into a festival of materialism and excess. Talk about being insensitive to the followers of Jesus (all five of them).


  2. Yeesh — talk about a cry-baby trying to manufacture a persecution. The Uni can’t have a speaker criticize something which isn’t even believed in by all Christians, on a date that happens to fall in Advent, without it being taken as an attack? In terms of thin-skinnedness, this ranks up there with the stupidity about Mohammed the teddy bear.


  3. IanR:

    and not take the commercialisation of Christmas as an even bigger insult.

    True. I was amused last year by the juxtaposition of the anti-commercialism message of things like A Charlie Brown Christmas, and people like Bill O’Reilly complaining about the “war on Christmas” in retail stores.

    I guess the way it works is that people don’t think about it too much, and realize that opening presents with the family while sipping egg nog around the tree is a lot more fun than going to mass.


  4. Did I read correctly? Does the lecture attack “one of the central tenets of the faith”? The religion is not based on the age of the earth or how it was created so I would strongly urge the person who started this thread to know what he is talking about before posting it


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