Pay No Attention to that War Behind the Curtain

This image is from a screenshot
this week’s Newsweek site, showing the covers of the paper editions in various areas.

Let’s play “One of these things is not like the others”. Notice anything different about the US edition? Where exactly are the signs of this “liberal media bias” thing I keep hearing about? Or did the editors think that Americans should be insulated from unpleasant facts like the fact that we might be losing in Afghanistan? Could the looming election have anything to do with it?


(Hat tips to
Rising Hegemon
Democratic Underground)

Update, Sep. 26, 2006: a friend of mine suggested another, perhaps more cynical explanation: Newsweek thinks that the American public is bored with Afghanistan, and they figured that they’d get more sales with Annie Leibowitz than with that boring and depressing stuff in Afghanistan.

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