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Satire Is Officially Broken

Here are two items from recent media: Sean Spicer Walking Around White House In Sunglasses And Baseball Cap To Avoid Press “After Spicer spent several minutes hidden in the bushes behind these sets, Janet Montesi, an executive assistant in the … Continue reading

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Vatican Values

From AP and the Washington Post, the latest on the Vatileaks story (that I mentioned earlier) MILAN — A Vatican judge on Saturday indicted five people, including two journalists and a high-ranking Vatican monsignor, in a scandal involving leaked documents that informed … Continue reading

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Is ISIS’s popularity low? Hard to Tell

The Washington Post reported on a Pew survey of countries with a significant Muslim population, asking whether people there have a positive or negative view of ISIS: As the graph shows, in every country, ISIS is unpopular, by huge margins (and I find it … Continue reading

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Both Parties Lie, Right?

So I made some comment about the Republican convention being based on a lie or something, and my interlocutor made a comment about how, well, both parties lie. Well, sure. But the Republicans are worse than the Democrats. And she … Continue reading

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Numbers Mean Things

So I saw this headline in The Washington Post: UN envoy says $5 billion malaria fight has saved several thousand lives in recent years My first thought was, “$5 billion divided by, let’s say 5000 people, that comes out to … Continue reading

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Fourth of July Party Write-Up

Cool! We got a write-up in the Post. So here we are in Lorton, at the year’s largest social assembly of Washington area atheist groups, the fourth annual Independence Day Celebration — or, as the e-mailed news release read, “Ungodly … Continue reading

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Reality Catches Up to The Onion. Again.

Today’s Washington Post: There are changes in how parents nag. In what they nag about. In frequency. Parents know more about flubbed tests and skipped homework because of online grading systems. They know more about social lives because of Facebook … Continue reading

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