Octogenarian Sex

By now, I think everyone’s heard the news that older people are having a lot more sex than one might think. But am I the only one who thought “good for them!” rather than “ewwww!”?

No, a random sixty- or seventy-year-old woman doesn’t fire up my libido, but:

a) No one’s making you look at photos of naked grandparents. And if you don’t like the mental image, think of something else, get over it, and move on.

b) In the majority of cases, I’m sure we’re not talking about random people. Most of these people are in a relationship, either marriage or friendship or something. If you think it’s normal for a boyfriend and girlfriend to have sex, why should that change just because they’re in their sixties or beyond? And yes, this is personal: my grandmother found a boyfriend after my grandfather died, and they were good for each other. If they wanted to get it on, who am I to say they shouldn’t? Sex is fun. Why shouldn’t grandma get some? Hell, I don’t care if she’s into leather and butt-plugs.

c) I hope to grow old some day (it sure beats the alternative), and I don’t plan on giving a rat’s ass what anyone thinks about my sex life.

The real news in the report, from my point of view, was that the sex drive doesn’t diminish as rapidly as I (and probably many others) had thought. If this grosses you out, get over it. Oh, and your parents had sex, too. Once again, get over it.


Fundies turn sex into something shameful as a way to control people.

This weekend, I was listening to the
Way of the Master Radio
podcast. Way of the Master is a fundie scam ministry run by Ray “homoerotic banana” Comfort and Kirk “Growing Pains kid” Cameron. Todd Friel hosts the podcast.

this show,
they spent a lot of time with Rob, a 19-year-old who called in to say that he has a problem with pornography. It wasn’t said explicitly, but I suspect he also masturbates. Later, a woman called in to say that she, too, struggles with pornography, and that it’s not just a problem for men.

So what exactly was Rob’s problem? Was it that he was masturbating instead of having sex with his girlfriend (not just in addition to)? Was it that his girlfriend isn’t as physically perfect as the airbrushed models in Playboy, so he was enjoying sex less? Was it that it’s cutting into hobby and/or work time? No.

As far as these people are concerned, pr0n makes baby Jesus cry:
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