Holy Shit! BillDo and I Agree on Something!

BillDo has a post entitled “Is the Met’s Tosca Sacrilegious?” (except that he has it in all caps because it’s shoutier.)

He concludes with

So, no, “Tosca” is not sacrilegious. It’s just a bore.

Cats and dogs living together! BillDo and I agree on something!

Also noteworthy:

The only reason I went was because of reports that at the end of Act I there was an obscene sexual act that took place between Scarpia, the bad guy chief of secret police, and a statue of Our Blessed Mother.

I guess he’s into virgins. Or statue-fucking. Or, like so many Catholics, he has erotic fantasies revolving around schoolgirl uniforms, nuns, the virgin Mary, etc. That’s cool, though I wouldn’t sit through a whole opera just for one sex scene. That’s what the Internet is for.

But now I have this urge to make a virgin Mary statue out of a blow-up doll.