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Removing Magic

So this was one of those real-life mysteries. I like crossword puzzles. And in particular, I like indie crossword puzzles, because they tend to be more inventive and less censored than ones that run in newspapers. So I follow several … Continue reading

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It’s Still Shamanism

Vatican Radio reports, Reliquary of St. Barbara visits Athens. The silver casket of Saint Barbara, martyred in the 3rd century, has been brought to Athens, where (emphasis added): People of all ages and social backgrounds waited for hours in the … Continue reading

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It occurred to me that humorists and magicians have something in common: they both rely heavily on misdirection. Disclaimer: I’m neither a magician nor a comedian (as you can tell from my previous post) so I may not know what … Continue reading

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Are All Southerners Superstitious Fools?

Last year, the governor of Georgia asked his citizens to perform a rain dance to alleviate the drought in that state. Now the mayor of Birmingham, AL, Larry Langford, has decided that the crime rate in his city is way … Continue reading

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Rain Magic

Every so often, sophisticated theists will say that Dawkins, Hitchens, etc. misrepresent religion, that God is not an invisible sky-daddy who grants wishes, but some ineffable essence working within the laws of nature, or some such (see here, here, here). … Continue reading

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