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“It’s Getting Old” Isn’t A Rebuttal

One response that I see a lot on Twitter and elsewhere is some variation on “calling Trump supporters racist is getting old”. And maybe I’m growing stupid as I grow older, but it finally dawned on me what was bugging me … Continue reading

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The Last Superstition: A Slippery Slope to Sounding Weird

Chapter 6: How to lose your mind Feser opens the last chapter of his Refutation of the New Atheism by quoting a New Yorker article in which neurologist Patricia Churchland describes her mood to her husband and colleague Paul in … Continue reading

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The Last Superstition: Back to the Cave

Chapter 5: Back to Plato’s cave This last section of Chapter 5 is basically a long jeremiad against everything and everyone Feser doesn’t like, with paranoid rants about the motivations of those who prefer post-Thomistic philosophies: More precisely, their desire … Continue reading

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The Last Superstition: Material Brains, Immaterial Software

Chapter 5: The Mind-Body Problem After spending several pages, as is his wont, trashing Locke, Descartes, and other people he doesn’t agree with, Feser tells us why materialist explanations of the mind are doomed: the human mind is all about … Continue reading

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The “You’re Both Equally Wrong” Fallacy

Adam Weishaupt left a comment in another thread, and I’m conceited enough to think my reply is worth reposting. You know you will never agree, right? This discussion can be likened with this: Imagine that there are only two people … Continue reading

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Lore Sjöberg and the Burden of Proof

I’ll have to remember this Bad Gods strip the next time someone demands that atheists disprove God: Or when any random douchenozzle completely misunderstands the concept of “burden of proof”.

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