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Craziness Loves Company

Recently Kent Hovind’s International House of Lunacy offered to send out free DVDs to anyone who asked. So naturally, I had to take them up. Yesterday, it was delivered to my… let’s say “imaginary roommate”, with the oh-so-subtle name “Sevil … Continue reading

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Breaking: Kent Hovind in Solitary

From Kent Hovind’s outfit, Creation Science Ministry’s Facebook page comes word that Kent is now in solitary: Creation Science Evangelism Pleas pray for Dr. Hovind. We were just informed that he is solitary confinement. We are not sure why he … Continue reading

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Hovind’s Appeal Denied

Kent Hovind’s site gives word that The Supreme Court has recently denied our petition for a rehearing of Dr. Hovind’s case. They gave no reason. Personally, I like to think that a clerk got the brief about someone who didn’t … Continue reading

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Kent Hovind’s Dissertation

I think I just came a little in my mouth. But then again, I’m a glutton for punishment. Kent Hovind’s “doctoral dissertation” at Patriot “University” has been released on Wikileaks. Grab it while it’s hot! Those who lack the patience … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Adventure Land Closed

This is old news, but alert reader Fez points out that Kent Hovind’s Backyard Swing-Set Of Delusion, Dinosaur Adventure Land, has closed its doors. Our ability to minister as a creation theme park here in Pensacola, Florida has been recently … Continue reading

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Kent Hovind on The Colbert Report

Kent Hovind gets a mention on Colbert’s “Yahweh Or No Way” segment (fast forward to 0:39 if you’re impatient): The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Yahweh or No Way – Dinosaur Adventure Land & Black Market Kidneys … Continue reading

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Quickie Fundie Quiz

Who said this?: I am embarrassed that it took me 38 years as a Christian to see in God’s Word that prison, as a form of punishment, violates the Bible. If you said “Kent Hovind, currently serving 10 years in … Continue reading

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