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I’d Rather Have a Long List of Scary Warnings than Nothing at All

I recently participated in a coversation—or maybe I’m conflating two or more conversations, but no matter—in which my interlocutor said that she prefers alt-med natural remedies because mainstream drugs all have a long list of scary potential side effects. But … Continue reading

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Lens Flare in the Eye of the Beholder

We’re all familiar with lens flare, those circles of light that appear in a photo or video when the camera points too close to the sun. When the scene is too bright, light bounces off of camera parts that it … Continue reading

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How Not to Report Science

One of the stories in the news today is about a study showing that no, US presidents don’t have their lifespans shortened by the rigors of office. The AP writes: Using life expectancy data for men the same age as … Continue reading

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Craziness Loves Company

Recently Kent Hovind’s International House of Lunacy offered to send out free DVDs to anyone who asked. So naturally, I had to take them up. Yesterday, it was delivered to my… let’s say “imaginary roommate”, with the oh-so-subtle name “Sevil … Continue reading

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Three Different Things that Look Similar

Here are three statements: St. Anselm says that no one really disbelieves in God. Stephen Hawking says that spacetime is smooth at the Big Bang. PZ Myers says that “The only appropriate responses should involve some form of righteous fury, … Continue reading

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Cheap Signaling

I talked about appropriating the biological concept of costly signaling for general skepticism, and it occurred to me to wonder whether there’s such a thing as cheap signaling. Costly signaling is when the investment required to transmit a message, like … Continue reading

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Costly Signaling for Lay Skeptics

This was originally posted at Secular Perspectives. Let’s say you’re an average person, of average intelligence, average education, with an average job, and you’ve run across several news articles. One says that an asteroid has just been detected that will … Continue reading

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