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Is ISIS’s popularity low? Hard to Tell

The Washington Post reported on a Pew survey of countries with a significant Muslim population, asking whether people there have a positive or negative view of ISIS: As the graph shows, in every country, ISIS is unpopular, by huge margins (and I find it … Continue reading

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Catholic Church 99 44/100% Pure

BillDo has a post in which he plays down the Catholic priesthood’s image problem: Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the findings of the 2011 Annual Report on priestly sexual abuse that was released by the bishops’ conference; the … Continue reading

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What’s Three Orders of Magnitude Among Friends?

(Alternate title: “Numbers Mean Things”.) The increasingly-irrelevant Uncommon Descent blag had a post today, commenting on an article in Science News. Right now, UD’s post is entitled “Timing of human use of fire pushed back by 300,000 years”, but when … Continue reading

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Numbers Mean Things

So I saw this headline in The Washington Post: UN envoy says $5 billion malaria fight has saved several thousand lives in recent years My first thought was, “$5 billion divided by, let’s say 5000 people, that comes out to … Continue reading

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Answer to the Saturday Puzzle

On Saturday, I gave the following puzzle: Can you make the following equation correct by moving just one number?: 45 – 46 = 1 Answer below the jump.

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Saturday Puzzle

I love Richard Wiseman’s Friday Puzzles. So as a tribute of sorts to this one, here’s one of my own: Can you make the following equation correct by moving just one number?: 45 – 46 = 1 I’ll post the … Continue reading

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Fact-Checking the BillDo

Recently, BillDo farted the following onto the intertubes: Moreover, Jenkins wrote that “Out of 100,000 priests active in the U.S. in this half-century, a cadre of just 149 individuals—one priest out of every 750—accounted for over a quarter of all … Continue reading

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