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Charlie Hebdo, un an après

One year after the shootings at Charlie Hebdo that claimed the lives of its top staff, the magazine has released a double-length special edition issue with the cover above.

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Is ISIS’s popularity low? Hard to Tell

The Washington Post reported on a Pew survey of countries with a significant Muslim population, asking whether people there have a positive or negative view of ISIS: As the graph shows, in every country, ISIS is unpopular, by huge margins (and I find it … Continue reading

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Late Ramadan

The AP reports: Muslims living in the world’s tallest tower will have to wait even longer to break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan. Mohammed al-Qubaisi, Dubai’s top Muslim cleric, said Sunday that Burj Khalifa residents living above … Continue reading

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Let’s Ban Churches Next to Other Churches

It occurs to me that I haven’t weighed in on the hot topic du jour, the question of whether there should be mosque at Ground Zero. The argument seems to be: it’s outrageous and offensive that members of a religion … Continue reading

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Everybody Draw Mohammed!

Here’s my contribution to Everybody Draw Mohammed Day: It’s a good thing there aren’t any talent requirements. The only way you can tell that this is actually the prophet Mohammed venerated in Islam is that I’m telling you so.

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