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Triggered by the Right Side of History

There’s a bit of controversy going on at Yorktown High School in Virginia, where teachers have put up signs: Patriots Know: Facts are not political Diversity stengthens [sic] us Science is real Women’s rights are human rights Justice is for all We’re … Continue reading

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Media Being Unfair to Poor Steve Bannon

Steve Bannon, former editor of the alt-right’s paper of record, gave an interview to the Wall Street Journal. From Politico’s coverage: Democrats and the media, he told opinion columnist Kimberly Strassel, are casting him as a “cloven-hoofed devil” by associating him with … Continue reading

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FTC Removes Exception for Homeopathic Drugs

Well, here’s a bit of good news for a change: the Federal Trade Commission has just decided that the same standards apply to homeopathic drugs as to any other medical product. The National Law Review highlights the following passage: No … Continue reading

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Church Graffiti: “Trump Nation, Whites Only”

(Update: WTOP and the Silver Spring Patch have the story.) The Episcopal Diocese of Washington tells us that a banner at their church in Hillandale, MD was defaced last night: On the back of a banner advertising mass in Spanish, someone wrote … Continue reading

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Disorganized Post-Election Thoughts

1. Fuck. Seriously, what the fuck? I realize this is a very widely-held opinion,  it today, I am not particularly contrarian. 2. Corollary: how did everyone manage to get this wrong? Polls, pundits, prognosticators all had Clinton in the lead, … Continue reading

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Is Peeing A Sacrament?

Erick Erickson has an article with the sensational headline, “State of Iowa Says Churches Must Let Men Use the Women’s Bathroom” (retweeted by the lachrymose Glenn Beck). ZOMG! The big bad government is sending legions of men in dresses to … Continue reading

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“Guns Don’t Kill People”

A story from the Associated Press tells of a clash between white nationalists and counterprotesters in Sacramento (emphasis added): SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A white nationalist group’s rally outside the California state Capitol building turned violent as fighting broke out … Continue reading

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