Pretending You’re Doing Good

The following email message was sent to an address I gave when I downloaded a Bible-reading app:

[…]right now there’s an unprecedented opportunity to see precious lives transformed in Africa!

These are children whose lives have been devastated by poverty and violence. They’re hurting, many are orphaned, and they need to know
that someone loves them.

Your support today will help place Bibles into the hands of 150,000 at-risk boys and girls, and share with them the Good News of Jesus Christ.

And thanks to a $10,000 Challenge Grant, your gift will go even further!

It costs just $5 to place a Bible in a child’s hands. But when combined with the Challenge Grant, your gift will provide two children in Africa with their very own copy of God’s message of love.

So please give generously now to help transform these kids’ lives with a Bible.

Yours in Christ,

I’ve cut out links, but the highlighting is as in the original.

Religion is often blamed for giving people false hope, or for giving the illusion of doing good, and this message is a perfect example. Kids who are hurting or orphaned need food; they need medical care; they need a family. What they don’t need is Bibles.

On top of which, this organization’s two-star rating from Charity Navigator is less than impressive, especially considering that even Answers in Genesis managed to get three.

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