I’m Moving to Indiana, Land of Freedom

By now we’ve all heard about Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Law, which

says that the state cannot “substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion” unless it is furthering a “compelling government interest”

And already we have the First Church of Cannabis moving in on the grounds that pot is a sacrament in their religion, and is less dangerous than alcohol, which is legal even in Indiana, so the government doesn’t have a compelling interest in stopping them.

But why stop at goofy, ad hoc recently-invented religions? I keep being told that atheism is a religion (also here, here, here) and that atheists can’t know right from wrong (also here, here, here, here). So obviously Indiana’s Religious Freedom law says that I can do pretty much whatever I want.

I can double-park. I can pee on the lawn in front of the capitol in Indianapolis. I can bring outside food to baseball games. I can fail to pick up my dog’s poop. There is no end to the debauchery I am permitted in Indiana.

I’ll let you know when to start collecting boxes for me.

3 thoughts on “I’m Moving to Indiana, Land of Freedom”

  1. Hey, that’s cheating!

    Oh, wait, atheist, you can totally do that. All hail debauchery and cheating. šŸ™‚


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