Weak Week

  1. The Boomtown Rats – I Don’t Like Mondays
  2. Yazoo – Tuesday
  3. Elvis Costello – Wednesday Week
  4. The Chameleons – Thursday’s Child
  5. The Cure – Friday I’m in Love
  6. The Dead Kennedys – Saturday Night Holocaust
    (it was either that or 10:15 Saturday Night, but that would be two Cure songs in a row)
  7. U2 – Sunday Bloody Sunday
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2 Responses to Weak Week

  1. Fez says:

    Short playlist – might I suggest you add “8 Days A Week” by The Beatles?


    • arensb says:

      For which day? Blernsday? And just be glad I didn’t shorten the list by including Wall of Voodoo’s Lost Weekend.

      Ao0, I suppose I could’ve used Queen’s Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon instead of U2. Oh, well. On the Internet, once something is written it can never ever change, so I guess it’ll have to stay the way it is.


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