Hostages at Discovery Channel Building

If you’ve passed a TV set in the past few hours, you may have heard that some nutjob walked into the Discovery Channel building in Silver Spring, MD with a gun and possibly a bomb, and took hostages.

Apparently this is his plan to stop human overpopulation, war, pollution, and species extinction. He wants Discovery to air a game show. Oh, and CNN mentioned in passing that he’s an atheist.

So first of all, I hope the hostages are okay, that they get out safely, and that the hostage-taker gets the mental help he so obviously needs.

And secondly, a quick message to the gunman, James Lee:

Get off my team!

Basically, I want to condemn this act in no uncertain terms this. As, I would hope, any reasonable person would do.

I can only assume that the right-wingers and creationists are going to be making hay out of this for years to come, and I’m not looking forward to that.


Update, Wed Sep 1 17:53:44 2010: ABC news is reporting that Lee has been shot and killed by law enforcement, and that the hostages are safe.

4 thoughts on “Hostages at Discovery Channel Building”

  1. Yeah, I said “get off my team” too, but for the environmentalist concerns. Aaagh. Dude. That was not a good plan. It’s sad that he’d been protesting the Discovery Channel for a while, and that there was no better way of addressing his mental health issues before things went like this. I’m glad that no one else was hurt.


  2. Troublesome Frog:
    Huh. I hadn’t heard of Frank Chu before.

    Yeah, I certainly can’t blame Lee for being concerned about overpopulation, pollution, or war. But obviously, terrorism isn’t the way to solve those problems.


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