I Fail to See BillDo’s Problem

In a characteristically spittle-flecked post, BillDo rails against the people suing to repeal Proposition 8. For those who’ve forgotten, that’s when a group of Californians turned to another group of Californians and said, “The right to get married is so precious and fundamental that we’re going to take it away from you.”

BillDo writes:

Their goal is not to contest the First Amendment rights of Catholics and others—their goal is to put religion on trial. What they are saying is that religious-based reasons for rejecting gay marriage are irrational, and thus do not meet the test of promoting a legitimate state interest.

So what are the rational reasons for taking away gays’ right to get married?

Society cannot exist without families;

This isn’t obvious to me, but I won’t argue the point.

families cannot exist without reproduction;


reproduction cannot exist without a sexual union between a man and a woman;

Well, duh.

and every society in the history of the world has created an institution called marriage to provide for this end.

Again, this might not be 100% true, but it’s close enough for jazz.

In short, it is nothing but irrational to challenge such a timeless verity.

Who’s challenging any of this? How will allowing gays to marry affect straight couples who want to get married and/or have children?

Unless he’s arguing that the institution of marriage will become so polluted by Teh Gay that people like him won’t want anything to do with it. Kind of like saying “I won’t go into that store; they allow homos to shop there.”

In short, BillDo’s problem seems to be with his head. Fortunately, it’s nothing a good laxative can’t fix.

PS: I just realized that I managed to write an entire post about BillDo without using the words “fucknugget” or “twatwaffle”. I take this as a sign that I’ve grown as a writer.

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