I Get Spam

I just saw this go by in the spam report.

Why hello associate forum people! I straight wanted to interpose myself here as this looks like a sheer attractive forum! I myself am provocative in things like writeing and computer revamping so if anyoune needs steal forgive me identify! I also Suffer from Sciatica so if you aslo have this infection allow in me have knowledge of so we can share some stretches!

I love the way that although it’s all over the map, as though written by a random sentence generator, it nonetheless manages to teeter on the edge of intelligibility.

Or maybe I’m just easily amused.

2 thoughts on “I Get Spam”

  1. It looks like Thesaurify to me. You can almost recognize the original text, with a couple of buzzwords like “insert shared disease” so it would get responses. Then somebody (or computer) who doesn’t speak English just ran it through the thesaurus so it would get past the spamfilter. This plants two ideas in my head: 1) I have English speaking college students who do a light version of this so it sounds more ‘professional’ and ‘intelligent’ than simply writing. 2) We have found the Roget’s implementation of the Turing Test. Can a machine writer or non-English speaker sound like an actual human English speaker!


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