Colbert Endorses BillDo?

Secular Sabotage
This will not come as news to some of you, but ε-Clueful Reader Fez pointed out the blurbs on Bill Donohue’s new book, Secular Sabotage.

The most surprising one is the last one, by none other than über-pundit Stephen Colbert:

“Wake up, America! The secular minority has cut the brake cables on America’s In-God-We-Trust-Mobile™! Not even all 43 of our Christian presidents can save us now.”

Which raises a question: does BillDo not realize that Colbert’s act is just a act, or whether he’s catering to those of his readers who don’t realize that it’s just an act?

At any rate, BillDo hasn’t always been so friendly with Colbert: his 2005 Annual Report of Shit He Got Upset About includes:

February 17
New York, NY—The Comedy Central program, "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart," ran a segment entitled "This Week in God" that mocked the Catholic Church and its teachings, while poking gentle fun at Muslims and Orthodox Jews. For example, Stephen Colbert, the segment host, after reporting that the Vatican teaches that condom use is immoral, exclaimed, "What would high Catholic Church officials know about immoral sexual conduct?" The segment also featured a wheel with religious symbols on it, one of which was labeled "the Immaculate Contraption known as the God Machine."

(Actually, the segment aired Feb. 15, but who’s counting?)

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June 6
On "This Week in God," a recurring segment on the Comedy Central program "The Daily Show," Stephen Colbert commented that the Vatican traditionally waits five years after someone dies before the cause of sainthood commences. He noted, however, that Pope Benedict XVI waved it for Pope John Paul II, adding, "what are you going to do about that, bitch?" Colbert then said that the reason why Mother Teresa’s canonization has been held up was due to a film, "Mama T Goes Wild 6: Calcutta Nights." When he said this the program showed a picture of Mother Teresa made to look like she was flashing onlookers.

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