Dance, Monkeys! Dance for My Enjoyment!

Today seems to be the day when a bunch of right-wing fundies all
decided to make themselves look ridiculous in public, seemingly only
to entertain me.

For a while now, Ray Comfort’s weblog wasn’t accepting new comments,
because he had been hired by as their
Creationism Examiner,
and he wanted comments to be posted there.

This morning, however, I found a
on his old site, with a bunch of comments. I can only surmise that the
Examiner decided that Ray was too kooky for them, and booted him back

Then there was the kook fight: according to
WND story

(sorry, I couldn’t find a reliable source), Ray basically accused
Catholics of not being True Christians™

But the Vatican has chosen to officially
believe Darwin rather than Jesus

BillDo, recognizing in Comfort one of the rare people who could make
him look reasonable and measured by comparison,
by saying that the Catholic church’s position is that it’s okay to
accept evolution, as long as you still believe in a magic man in the sky.

response to that
basically boils down to “is not!”

(HT PZ.)

But the one who had me laughing out loud all morning was Brannon
Howse, who has a show on Christian
Worldview Radio.

Howse recently put in an appearance at a church in Ft. Worth.
Bud Kennedy, a reporter for the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, wrote
an article
about it, under the title “Who knew that yoga is a tool of Satan?”,
talking about Howse’s superstition, ignorance, and paranoia.

I wasn’t at the event in Texas, but Kennedy’s account is pretty much
in line with what Howse has talked about on his radio show: ZOMG teh
gays, the Earth is 6000 years old, Obama == Hitler, and so forth.

So Brannon Howse spent
an entire episode
whining about how the article made him and other True
Christians™ look foolish and extreme, at one point asking, “is
there anything extreme about saying that there’s nothing Christian
about yoga?” (Yes, Mr. Howse. Yes, there is.)

What had me laughing out loud was that Howse’s “corrections” of
Kennedy’s librul yellow journalism just made Howse look as bad as
before, if not worse. For instance, he claims that he never said yoga
is a tool of Satan. It is, however, an Indian occult practice, and

On other topics, like the notion that the stimulus package is a way of
achieving a worldwide monetary system and a one-world government, his
response was basically, “Well, yes, I said that, because it’s true.
But when Kennedy puts it in the paper, it makes us look foolish.”

Yes, it does, Brannon. As the saying goes, people who don’t want their
beliefs ridiculed shouldn’t hold such ridiculous beliefs.

And finally, to cap off a perfectly wonderful day, here’s Richard
to Ray Comfort’s challenge to debate him for $10,000.

Go read the whole thing. It’s wonderful.

$10,000 is less than the typical fee that I am
ordinarily offered for lecturing to a serious audience (I often don’t
accept it, especially in the case of a student audience, because I am
a dedicated teacher). It is not, therefore, a worthwhile inducement
for me to travel all the way across the Atlantic to debate with an
ignorant fool. You can tell him that if he donates $100,000 to the
Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (it’s a charitable
donation, tax deductible) I’ll do it. A further condition is that it
will be filmed by Josh Timonen for my website,, and
distributed by Josh as a DVD, if he thinks it is funny enough. To this
end, it would be nice if Mr Comfort would reprise the ever popular
Banana Sketch.

Richard Dawkins

(HT Shelley.)

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4 Responses to Dance, Monkeys! Dance for My Enjoyment!

  1. Calli Arcale says:

    To be fair, Ray Comfort is hardly the first person to accuse Catholics of not being true Christians. There is in fact a very long (and extremely bloody) history of people making that claim throughout European history, as various Christians went around killing other Christians for not really being properly Christian at all. Some of my ancestors were Scandinavian Covenanters, and they would certainly have agreed with this fellow. In their minds, the Pope wasn’t just a bad Christian — they believed he was quite literally the anti-Christ!


  2. arensb says:

    That’s what makes the last line of BillDo’s article so amusing:

    What’s next? The pope is the Anti-Christ?


  3. Henning says:

    “is there anything extreme about saying that there’s nothing Christian about yoga?” (Yes, Mr. Howse. Yes, there is.)

    In my opinion there isn’t. Yoga is not part of the christian mythology.
    But it is extreme/insane to assume that “being Christian” is “being good”, that there is anything positive about something being Christian.


  4. arensb says:


    Yoga is not part of the christian mythology.

    True, but when Howse says it, he means it’s anti-Christian and demonic.


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