Wednesday List

Some bands that were obviously named before Google became the one and only way to find anything anywhere:

  • ABC
  • AC/DC
  • The Band
  • Foreigner
  • Genesis
  • Guess Who
  • James
  • Leæther Strip (yes, that’s L, E, A-E ligature)
  • M
  • Prince
  • (The Artist Formerly Known as Prince)
  • Secret Service
  • Squeeze
  • The The
  • Type O Negative
  • U2
  • Wham
  • Yes
  • Bands named after places: Boston, Chicago, Kansas, Nazareth, etc.
  • Bands named after common items: Heart, Hole, Journey, Madness, Ministry, Nirvana, Opposition, Orgy, Pig, Queen, Rush, Starship, Wire, etc.

I considered

  • Mr. Mister
  • The Smiths
  • The Who

but if you put those names in quotes, Google can find them.

Bonus list: album titles that Google can’t find:

  • by KMFDM
  • ? by Nena
  • Promises by Opposition

2 thoughts on “Wednesday List”

  1. Already shared with you but I’ll share with the rest of the class; from the Risks mailing list:

    Jeremy Epstein wrote about a product with an asterisk in the middle between two common words, making it almost impossible to find using search engines.

    IBM has done something similar: the hardware line once known as AS/400, then
    iSeries, then System i, is now known simply as “i”, making it beyond impossible to find.



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