Another Political Tool

(No, not Tom DeLay. <rimshot>)

GovTrack has a
that shows congressional districts as a Google Maps layer. This means
that unlike the maps at
you can easily zoom in to see the
crinkly bits
that make gerrymandered
districts to much fun to study. I could’ve used this during a
discussion on the subject with a friend today.

is nice, especially the part where it follows down the middle of the
Colorado river without touching the banks. But in the end, I have to
support the local team and go with

Floor’s open for discussion. What are your favorite congressional districts?

One thought on “Another Political Tool”

  1. Very cool map. Thanks for giving me a way to waste the rest of the night 🙂

    I noticed AZ-2 a couple days ago. Very strange. It looks like it’s separating the Hopi Reservation from the surrounding Navajo land…makes you wonder whether the point of the CD is to dilute the native vote (making Rick Renzi’s seat a little more a safe Republican seat) or whether it reflects old animosities between the Hopi and Navajo…


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