A Nation Party of Whiners

Literally. If I hadn’t seen the video myself, I would’ve thought this
was the left-wing spin machine blowing things out of proportion.

Yeah, I know C&L is on the left, but ignore the title and
commentary and just watch the video.

Summary: House GOP leaders said that the bailout bill failed because
of a “partisan speech” by Nancy Pelosi. Quoth John Boehner:

I do believe that we could have gotten there today had it
not been for this partisan speech that the speaker gave on the floor
of the House. … The speaker had to give a partisan voice that
poisoned our conference

Roy Blunt:

We worked together well to try to come up with a
compromise that could pass today, that the president could sign, that
would do what needs to be done on the economy, but every time you’d
turn on television or read an article about the press reports of what
the other side was saying, it was all about how either Republicans
were unpatriotic, were there too late, or whatever.

Mommy, they’re saying bad things about me in the papers! Make them

Eric Cantor:

Right here is the reason, I believe, why this vote
failed. This is speaker Pelosi’s speech

What do you think they served at their cheese-and-whine party? I’m
guessing Waahmontillado.

The sooner these crybabies join the Federalist and Whig parties in the
dustbin of American politics, the happier I’ll be. They can cry all
the way to the bank if they like, but they’d better hurry before the
bank collapses.

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7 Responses to A Nation Party of Whiners

  1. Eamon Knight says:

    It was the Repubs who voted it down, right? (That’s the report I heard, anyway). So their complaint amounts to: “It’s the Dems fault for not letting us have everything our own way!”

    (We’re getting a similar whine up here from the Tories, complaining that the Opposition was obstructing the business of government, so we just had to call an election….)


  2. arensb says:

    It was the Repubs who voted it down, right?

    AIUI, yes: the Democrats were pretty much for it, and the Republicans couldn’t muster up all the votes necessary for it to pass.

    So their complaint amounts to: “It’s the Dems fault for not letting us have everything our own way!”

    Maybe I’m misreading you, but I think you’re giving the Republicans too much credit. In the footage I saw, they really were complaining about Nancy Pelosi saying mean things about them. I stand by my accusation of whiny cry-baby-ness.


  3. Eamon Knight says:

    I don’t recall who the soundbite was from, but he said something along the lines of: they’d pulled the bail-out bill as much to the Right as they could, but the Dems wouldn’t budge any farther, so they had to vote it down. Hence, my interpretation.

    Feel free to apply an appropriate discount to allow for my imprecise memory, and probably not paying full attention to the radio at the time.


  4. Maybe some CRY-stal? WAAAH-maretto Sours? SAD-buca? PISS-ang amb-MOAN? Or just some straight-up Swedish bitters? 😀

    Oh man I need to lay off the coffee….


  5. Greg (hmaon) says:

    This isn’t about Barney Frank’s response? B. Frank was on top of that: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2008/09/29/frank-because-somebody-hun130328.html


  6. arensb says:

    Perky Skeptic:

    Oh man I need to lay off the coffee….

    What kind? SumAAAAAtran, or Jamaican BLUE Mountain?


  7. arensb says:


    This isn’t about Barney Frank’s response?

    Yeah, Frank had a great zinger, but for some reason I didn’t include it. Maybe I should have, but I was too busy getting my YHGtBFKM on at the GOoPers.


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