Monday Playlist

  1. I Am the Rain, Assemblage 23
  2. I Am You, Depeche Mode
  3. I Am Your Robot, Elton John
  4. I Am Not Your Gameboy, Freezepop
  5. I Am the Resurrection, The Stone Roses
  6. I Am Your Conscience, Leæther Strip
  7. Hello, I Am Your Heart, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band
  8. I Am the Walrus, The Beatles
  9. I Am Not Your Broom, They Might Be Giants
  10. I Am a Grocery Bag, They Might Be Giants
  11. I Am A Human Head, They Might Be Giants
  12. I Am Legend, White Zombie
  13. I Am the Fly, Wire
  14. I Am the Audience, XTC
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2 Responses to Monday Playlist

  1. Ole Sanne says:

    A much better “I am” song from Manfred Mann’s Earth Band is “I am, you Are” from the 1979 album Angel Station…check it out.



  2. arensb says:

    Does Angel Station include a cover of a Bruce Springsteen song that’s better than the original? Because that’s what really drew me to Manfred Mann.


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