“I don’t want to explain”

I’m going to pick on
a random freeper
because he makes an argument that I’ve seen elsewhere: in response to
a question about how gay marriage might possibly affect him and his
own marriage, he writes

er it’s forcing me to explain to my kids why two men or two women are doing what they are doing.
I have to explain that nature did not intend for two of the same sex to be together and that they like to be together for perverted sexual acts

So people’s freedom to marry whomever they love should be restricted
because you don’t want to explain it to your children? Puh-leeze!

I hate to break it to you, honeycakes, but explaining the world to
children is what parents do. It’s part of the job description. Oh,
and when I say “explaining the world”, I mean the world as it is, not just as you would like it to be.

(Thanks to Fez for letting me borrow his sarcastic endearment set.)

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10 Responses to “I don’t want to explain”

  1. Eamon Knight says:

    Yep: the Argument from Personal Squeamishness. My hangups represent an eternal universal moral truth.



  2. arensb says:

    On top of which, there’s the question of what “doing what they are doing” is that needs to be explained. I suspect a child might ask about two men holding hands or kissing, but IME it’s likely that the person who posted this was thinking of anal sex, as if that routinely happened in public (I think some people think of San Francisco as a place where it’s hard to hear yourself think over the sound of fucking).

    It sorta reminds me of the time when I had read a comic where one of the characters carried a book with “Kant” on the cover, so I asked my mom what “Kant” meant. She said it was a very naughty word for a lady’s privates. Eventually, we both got unconfused, and I had learned a new word 🙂


  3. Troublesome Frog says:

    For kids that age, isn’t the explanation pretty simple? “Some men decide to marry men instead of women. We believe that’s wrong and not what God intended.” Seriously, do their discussions of their heterosexual neighbors inevitably turn into detailed speculation about what what hot, sticky sex acts they’re performing behind closed doors?


  4. Eamon Knight says:

    The first time I went to Provincetown, MA, I was 10yo. I don’t recall asking my parents any awkward questions, but that may be because 1967 was before it became a gay mecca. The second time was in 2001, when my kids were 15 and 17. No awkward questions from them either, despite the fact that in the evening there were couples in every gender combo making out on Commercial Street. One way or the other, they were already used to the idea that some folks just liked the same sex rather than the opposite.


  5. Wayne Robinson says:

    Really, the reasons some people use to justify their prejudices. Personally, though, I think that folk music should be banned, because I’d hate to explain to children that there are some people who are actually so retarded that they like such music. What people do in private is of no concern to me unless it directly affects me (such as listening to heavy metal rock through loud speakers next door at 3 am.


  6. arensb says:

    Wayne Robinson:

    I think that folk music should be banned

    I think you misspelled “line dancing”.


  7. Monado says:

    Besides, nature hasn’t made any complaints! In fact, in nature there are homosexual animals in many species.


  8. Monado says:

    Surely this fellow wants to ban guns in the U.S. because he doesn’t want to explain to his kids that sometimes people lose their tempers and shoot each other, right?


  9. Melissa G says:

    When I was around four years old, I saw on TV (some daytime soap, probably) two men hugging, and one of them said, “I love you.” From this, I inferred that boys can marry boys and girls can marry girls. Simple! No explanation necessary!

    (Of course, it turned out the characters on that TV show were a father and grown son, but no matter.)


  10. arensb says:

    Melissa G:

    Ah, so you were brainwashed into liberalism at an early age. See how insidious it is? 🙂


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