Word O’ the Day

Found while looking up something else1:

misogallic adj. characterized by hatred of the French.

1: In case you were
wondering, the thing I was looking for was another word for
“homophobe”, since homophobes sometimes say that the word doesn’t
apply to them, because they’re not afraid of homosexuals. I haven’t
found anything better, so may I suggest “misohome”?

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6 Responses to Word O’ the Day

  1. arensb says:

    And I suppose it’s just a matter of time before someone suggests that a person who dislikes sexual arousal is “misohorny”.


  2. Mark P says:

    In my experience, most homophobes are afraid of homosexuals.

    People who don’t like the concept of gay sex but are not afraid of gays or threatened by them generally don’t hit the radar, since they keep their personal opinions to themselves on the whole.


  3. arensb says:

    Mark P:
    It sounds like you’re describing me. There are a lot of sexual practices that I find unpleasant, including the one that a lot of homophobes seem to have a hang-up about: anal sex (whether it’s homosexual or heterosexual, using a cock, dildo, or other).

    So I’m strongly in favor of people not having anal sex in front of me on the street. At the same time, I’m strongly against telling consenting adults what they are or aren’t allowed to do in the bedroom (or living room, kitchen floor, or wherever).


  4. Fez says:

    …in the bedroom (or living room, kitchen floor, or wherever).
    And stairways. Don’t forget about the stairways.

    The problem as I see it played out is the dead-enders are building a house of cards with their shrill bloviating (“then they’ll want to marry animals! Then they’ll start demanding sex with children! I don’t want to have to explain it to my kids!!”) while the rest of humanity is trying to build a bridge.


  5. arensb says:

    Which means that Congress will compromise and build a bridge of cards.


  6. Fez says:

    …to nowhere.


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