Webster Cook Won’t Be Expelled

Since PZ’s on vacation, I might actually get a chance to scoop
Pharyngula with the
that a panel at the University of Central Florida voted unanimously to
dismiss all charges against Webster Cook and his friend Ben Collard in
the Crackergate matter. Good.

Bill Donohue.

And speaking of BillD, he

The Democrats are in a jam. Long the party of choice for
atheists, they have profoundly alienated people of faith from joining
their ranks, so much so that they have lost the last two elections
because of these so-called values voters.

Maybe I’m confused, but I can’t remember the Democratic party ever
being unfriendly to religious people (last I checked, reverend Al
Sharpton and reverend Jesse Jackson were religious). Or by “people of
faith”, does Billy mean people who want to convert others to their
particular flavor of religion?

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