Two-Bit Git Pitches Shit-Fit

BillD has recovered from the vapors, and posted the expected press release about PZ being mean to a piece of bread and a couple of books.

Of course, being a devout follower of the teachings of Jesus Christ, Donohue turned the other cheek and blessed PZ.

Ha! Whom am I kidding? Apparently the worst he could do, since it’s no longer legal to burn people alive for stabbing bits of bread, was to contact the University of Minnesota and demand that they investigate “a bias incident” that he committed on his own time, and not while on university business.

Ecce douchebag.

3 thoughts on “Two-Bit Git Pitches Shit-Fit”

  1. When is The BillDo (dba. The Catholic League aka. The Pope Light ) going to man up and add a comment board to Or even provide an email address? Coward.


  2. Don’t you know that he’s a hothouse flower whose eyes and ears must be protected from anything that might offend his delicate sensibilities?

    Anyway, whois has an email address, but I think it’s a black hole.


  3. If none of the information in their registrar entry can be proven to be a valid means of contacting them, I believe the domain is then in violation of ICANN regulations and can be pulled.


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