How Could Anyone Possibly Think ID Is Religion?

The “Editorial Review” of Bill Dembski’s new book says that it’s aimed at

readers whose understanding may have been confused by educational bias and one–sided arguments and attacks.

In case you were wondering who exactly these readers might be, Billy clarifies:

[The book] is geared specifically at mobilizing Christian young people, homeschoolers, and church youth groups with the ID alternative to Darwinian evolution.

So there you go. ID is scientific, and there’s nothing religious about it. It just happens to be marketed at religious folks, but that’s just a coincidence.

2 thoughts on “How Could Anyone Possibly Think ID Is Religion?”

  1. Have the DI or fellow travellers said recently that ID is about science-not-religion? Or have they dropped the cover story completely? (Like, maybe about the time Excreted hit the cinemas?) Just asking…..


  2. Eamon:

    Well, today John West posted an article to Evolution News & Views, pointing out how the Louisiana Science Education Act explicitly doesn’t promote religion.

    I think they’re still trying to prop up the tatters of the pretense that ID isn’t just 21st-century creationism (it’s the new iCreo 2.0, with bigTent® technology!).

    I also seem to remember that in Expelled, Ben Stein kept asking questions that assumed that iCreo is religious, and the DI fellow he was interviewing kept correcting him on that point.


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