Irony O’ the Week

At the top of the “Blog” section of the site for the new creationist propaganda movie Expelled, it says:

“It’s (EXPELLED) going to appeal strongly to the religious, the paranoid, the conspiracy theorists, and the ignorant –– which means they’re going to draw in about 90% of the American market.”

-Atheist blogger and fabulist PZ Myers, on a film he has not yet seen.

I hope they change that to read “PZ Myers, on a film he tried to see but got kicked out of“.

This whole situation is comedy gold. PZ was not only interviewed for the film (under false pretenses, by the way), but was also allegedly thanked in the credits. But no, they won’t let him see it.

Oh, did anyone mention that it’s a movie about viewpoints being suppressed, and interested parties not being allowed access to information?

But of course the kicker is that while PZ Myers was specifically singled out to be expelled, they were apparently too stupid or clueless to notice who else was coming, so they allowed Richard Dawkins in.

Truly, these people are lying despicable fuckwads.

Update, Mar. 22: The Twin Cities Pioneer Press has an article (registration or BugMeNot required) about this.

Also, Skatje shares her impressions of the movie.

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