The Crossword War on Christianity

If you thought Bill Donohue’s knickers were in enough of a twist over The Golden Compass to tourniquet a combat battalion, think again:

Many fans of crosswords look forward to tackling the New York Times’ Sunday issue. Several enthusiasts contacted the Catholic League, however, to report that they were troubled by a question in yesterday’s puzzle. The work, titled “Putting on Some Weight,” featured several answers that contained the word “ton.” For instance, the clue “I’m not interested in having tea!” led to the answer, “DON’T GIVE ME ANY LIPTON.”

Puns are standard fare for crossword puzzles, but one example from yesterday’s game is a little too cute. The clue for Number 98 across asked “Crucifix?” The corresponding answer was “SEXTON SYMBOL.” Surely the authors of the puzzle, and the editors of the New York Times, would do well to avoid such cheekiness when it comes to the figure of Christ crucified.

I’d love to meet him sometime. There could be so much fun to be had in pushing his buttons.

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2 Responses to The Crossword War on Christianity

  1. Cyde Weys says:

    Any time I hear of more nonsense spouted by Bill Donohue and his ilk, I think to myself, “Does this idiot really not have anything better to do?!” I almost can’t believe that he spends all of his time getting offended at trifles. What a miserable existence that must be.


  2. arensb says:

    You’ve got it backwards: Bill Donohue is happy because he feels the love of Jesus in his heart. It’s atheists who live a bleak, pathetic, pointless existence. Didn’t you get the memo?


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