Now That’s A Big Box!

Amusing programming error o’ the day:

Big box screen shot

This is the Amazon page for a program to teach piano. When I saw the dimensions, I thought maybe they threw in a grand piano along with the CD. But at 30m × 25m × 3.5m, there’s room for not just the grand piano, but the rest of the Philharmonic as well.

If you look at the ASIN, you’ll see whom to blame: those damn Ewoks!

Update: The volume of the box is 91527 cubic feet. According to Engineering Toolbox, a cubic foot of air at 70°F weighs 7.492×10-2lb/ft3. So if the box were filled with air, it would weigh 6857 lbs. But it only weighs 120 lbs, which means it floats like a balloon. That must be why the shipping weight is 1 lb: the Post Office lumps all packages that weigh less than a pound together.

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