Proof that We Are Beloved of God

(Update, Dec. 12: Welcome, ShoutWire-ites! I’m glad y’all liked this entry, but please don’t leave a comment if you’re retarded or can’t recognize sarcasm without a blinking 72-point smiley.)

The Astronomical Observatory of Padova gives us this picture of the large-scale structure of the universe:

Each point is a galaxy. Notice how they’re arranged in two cones that meet at a single point.

And what’s at that point? Us.

If that’s not proof that we’re at the center of the universe, the apex of God’s creation, I don’t know what is.

(Okay, I just wanted to get this idea out there before the fundies do, so I can claim prior art if they pick it up and run with it. In case anyone hadn’t figured it out, the reason the distribution looks the way it does is that we’re inside the disk of the Milky Way, and it’s hard to see through the gas and dust and schmutz to see what’s out there. It’s a lot easier to look perpendicular to the disk of our galaxy.)

14 thoughts on “Proof that We Are Beloved of God”

  1. Are you retarded? We are at the center because its from OUR POINT OF VIEW, geez, religious people are so moronic and blind to anything that isn’t something they agree with.


  2. Bob, you need to open your mind to the proof STARING YOU IN THE FACE!! Each point of light represents a meatball, linked to each other through superstrings of the purest semolina pasta! You know what proof it shows me? It proves someone has a damn fine dinner in their future.


  3. I see that not everyone’s browser is capable of rendering the <sarcasm> tag. I’d suggest upgrading your browsers, but it might be better to get a wetware overhaul instead.


  4. lol you are a retard. “hey look! the usa is at the center of the world map, its a the center of the earth, god loves us !”
    and i thouht your false religion teach people humility, this is not the case because you always try to be smart & right about everything.

    hey i have a question for you : why are you wasting your life believeing in something stupid?? OMG god created the universe! OMG he can spit firebolts & throw lightning with his beard!!! OMG god can create food! he can walk on the water and can resurrect!! even the story of The lord of the Ring is more credible. OMG he is SOOOOO kind to humanity that he lets hundreds of people die everyday in a bloody & awful way. get your head out of your ass, god won’t come and pay your bills. where is you super hero named god when children are killed at work/war ? when they are raped & tortured by psycho people? i already know your answer: dont” talk about something you don”t know, you will go to hell !!” lol even the boogeyman scares me more than this bullshit


  5. i believe in god but not like a crazy super religous guy, and there’s no way u can prove something like that. but it is cool to be in the middle. wonder if there is anything outside this cone?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?


  6. This picture above is not from an observatory.

    It is a screen shot from the software MITAKA
    it is free for download from

    The reason it looks like we are in the middle is because all known positions of other stars and galaxies have been made from earth. The black bands are regions we cannot see because they are obscured by other stars and galaxies.


  7. … are you a55h0les really that dumb … i have heard that in your contry about 49% of peopple think that evolution is wrong?!!!… cmon with that many retarded i´m surpriced that you still are 1st world country


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