I Think I’m Fisked in Japanese, I Really Think So

I ran across this article about my FABNAQ about Intelligent Design. Unfortunately, it’s in Japanese, which I don’t speak, and the Babelfish and Google translations are bad enough that I can’t even tell whether I’m being fisked or praised.

Are there any nipponophones in the audience who can take a look and give me a sense of what’s going on?

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3 Responses to I Think I’m Fisked in Japanese, I Really Think So

  1. Nanne says:

    I’ve given some people a headsup, but don’t expect too much, i don’t know but i think translating japanese might be hard šŸ˜‰
    maybe someone knows a native speaker?


  2. Jeff says:

    The answer is B, you are being praised.

    My wife is Japanese, and at Mark Coletti’s request I asked her to look over the post. The author is using your questions as good starting point to illustrate why ID is not really science. He translates your questions for his Japanese audience. He then reorganizes your stuff a little, as well as adding some questions of his own which get at the definitions of terms, such as “What is design? Does design imply a designer?”

    He goes on to examine the literature, and finds that there is nothing in the way of field work, or refereed journal articles. All that is available are books which describe and advocate for ID.

    That’s the basic gist of it. Sounds like he’d be pretty friendly. If you want to know more, you ought to drop him a line. He seems to understands English (unless Google is better at translating English to Japanese). I’m guessing he’s a scientist.


  3. arensb says:

    Cool. Thanks!


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