Argento on Lohan

Once again, Mike Argento nails it:

You can’t turn around without the TV news bloviating endlessly about the troubles of Lindsay Lohan. On Wednesday, the “Today” show had a panel of experts discussing whatever it was she is accused of doing.

I have no idea who Lindsay Lohan is and I really don’t care. What makes me sad is that she apparently is the new Paris Hilton, the latest poster child for our civilization circling the drain.

Meanwhile, while Lindsay Lohan was dominating the news, the Department of Defense announced the death of Marine Lance Cpl. Bobby Twitty, 20, of Bedias, Texas.

We know everything we ever thought we needed to know about Lindsay Lohan.

Lance Cpl. Twitty? Not so much.

2 thoughts on “Argento on Lohan”

  1. Even commenting on the people commenting on the latest escapades of the Airhead Brigade as if they mattered, is almost to give the idiocy more exposure that it deserves.


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