I Slept Through the Nuclear War… Again

Long-time readers may remember Yisrayl Hawkins, who predicted that a nuclear war would start on Sep. 12, 2006.

Some of you may be wondering why CNN didn’t mention this rather newsworthy event. Simply put, on that day, Paris Hilton’s parents visited her in prison, so the media couldn’t take time out to report on anything as trivial as millions of people dying at once.

Nuclear Baby

No, really, Hawkins’s excuse is that on that day, the Nuclear Baby™ was conceived.

This nuclear baby was conceived September 12, 2006 and just as with a woman with child, nine months later the delivery is due, which will bring us to June 12, 2007. This nuclear baby will actually kill one-third of man over a fourth part of the earth in and around the great River Euphrates.

(emphasis added)

So far, this baby is over two weeks late, which seems rather impolite.

For whatever reason, his site now says

16 days remaining before the due date for the birth of the Nuclear Baby!

107 days remaining before 4/5 of the Earth’s population is dead because of nuclear war, famine, disease, and other curses of sin.

(for those who don’t do mental time_t arithmetic, that’s Jul. 14 and Oct.13, respectively, so mark your calendars. Or don’t) from which I gather that he found some clarifying passages in the Bible, perhaps in the Book of Excuses. But as far as I can tell, everything on his site still has the old Jun. 12 date.

Now, can I add this to the list of Umpteen Successful Bible Prophecies that fundies like to pass around?

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