Shortage of Wingnut Presidential Candidates?

that the religious right is unhappy with the current set of Republican presidential candidates. McCain once called fundies “agents of intolerance”, Mitt Romney is too liberal, and Giuliani has — gasp! — been married three times.

Call me an optimist, but maybe this marks the beginning of an overhaul of the Republican party: perhaps even Republican candidates have to distance themselves from the fundie wingnuts in order to be electable.

(HT Renew America, of all places.)

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7 Responses to Shortage of Wingnut Presidential Candidates?

  1. Not a chance. Either a “true believer” will ride to the rescue, or John McCain will morph into Jerry Falwell. Stay tuned.

    Nick Kasoff
    The Thug Report


  2. Fez says:

    That may be the first sensible thing I’ve heard credited to McCain’s mouth in quite a while. Still wouldn’t vote for him but I might at this point try to extinguish the flames if he were on fire.


  3. arensb says:

    Bear in mind that McCain’s been sucking up to the wingnuts by way of atoning for calling them “agents of intolerance”. That’s why you haven’t heard anything sensible out of him in a while.


  4. Fez says:


    So I can save my urine then?


  5. arensb says:

    I guess that depends on the circumstances. What if he were on fire and you had just downed three beers?


  6. Fez says:

    At first I parsed that as ‘bears’ and was about to ask, “It depends – is Cheney also in the hunting party?”


  7. At this point it is safe to give McCain a break. Heaven forbid he ever got elected. Obama is showing the same political colors that pols have shown since time immemorial. Money talks and bullshit walks. While we are stomping around other peoples patches, killing innocents as well as bad guys, our own country is coming apart at the seams. Does anyone really understand that the military spends over $400 BILLION per year? For what? Do you feel any more or less safe than you did ten years ago? Are you better off than you were five years ago? Silly question, I know. Do you understand that this is well over a BILLION dollars per day, EVERY DAY, EVERY YEAR, and it isn’t going down. It’s escalating. Doesn’t it seem like you’re getting fleeced, lied to, manipulated, screwed? It sure feels like it to me. Go ahead, wave the flag. I am happy to be an American, but I am definitely not proud to be an American. This will come back and bite us, mark my words.


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