Hovind Sentenced to 10 Years

The Pensacola News Journal finally has the story:

U.S. District Judge Casey Rodgers ordered Hovind also:
— Pay $640,000 in restitution to the Internal Revenue Service.
— Pay the prosecution’s court costs of $7,078.
— Serve three years parole once he is released from prison.

Then there’s this bit:

Prior to his sentencing, a tearful Kent Hovind, also known as “Dr. Dino” asked for the court’s leniency.

“If it’s just money the IRS wants, there are thousands of people out there who will help pay the money they want so I can go back out there and preach,” Hovind said.

On one hand, I can’t help having sympathy for anyone about to go to the gray bar for a decade. On the other hand, he’s trying to buy his way out of trouble with the money of the people he fleeces, which exhibits either terminal cluelessness or world-class chutzpah.

Also, throughout
the PNJ forums,
and various other
fora, people
have been praying for Hovind to be freed. Doesn’t seem to have done much good, does it?

[Edit, 21:04: revised my comment on the attempted bargain. Please note that I’ve resisted the urge to write either “BWA-HA-HA” or “whiny sniveling rat-faced git”.]

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2 Responses to Hovind Sentenced to 10 Years

  1. Mac says:

    Well, as a non-christian, I had a proper anti-biased look at most of Kent’s DVDs and I must say, the evolutionists throughout were stepping in “it” all the way.
    Just a comment on the prayers – there is more to Scripture than the Christians believe. Firstly, they have the Creator’s Name wrong, so they seem to pray to an idol by name Baal. If you take any proper dictionary and look up “Baal” you’ll find that Baal means God. So, King James I recon wasn’t so stupid after all (or someone assisting in the translation of Scripture in the 15th century – like maybe Francis Bacon, the founder of freemasonry.) Their fingerprints are all over the translated corruptedKing James version of the Scripture. Apart from that is the Sabbath. Nowhere in Scripture has the Creator ever cancelled the Sabbath observance. Christians inherited Sunday observance from Catholicism who outrightly say in their Catecism that anyone who observes Sunday as opposed to Sabbath underwrites the pope, Mary and Catholicism. First they need to get the whole story right – develop a Love for the TRUTH and read the Scripture with open eyes and no pretences. Then start to DO what the Creator asks and pray to the right Name and then see what He will do.

    I had the cat by the tail for many years myself, but ignorance is no excuse for the law – that includes the Torah. So I searched for the original and what a difference!


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