Sell Your Soul, Get A Free DVD

Brian Flemming and the Rational Response Squad have announced the Blasphemy Challenge.

The offer is simple: deny the Holy Spirit in a video (thus committing the one unforgivable sin and condemning your soul to eternal torment), post it to YouTube, and if you’re one of the first 1001 people, you get a free copy of the movie The God Who Wasn’t There

I won’t be participating, because a) I already have a copy of the DVD, b) I look like a dork on video, c) I sound like a dork on audio, d) I can afford to buy additional copies if I want to give them away as presents. But I will say this: I deny the holy spirit, and I hope that’s enough to get Brian Flemming to autograph my copy of the DVD if I ever meet him.

(HT PZ Myers.)

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