Unexpected Science Song

We all knew that They Might Be Giants
know stuff,
but even so, I was pleasantly surprised, while listening to
this month’s episode
of their podcast, to hear
Cut the Strings:

I don’t need no
Ten dimensions
Ain’t afraid of
Quantum jitter

Cut the strings
‘Cause I ain’t no puppet
And I’m not gonna dance
To your tune

General relativity
Quantum theory
They’ve been put to the test
And Isaac Newton has been laid to rest

But you’re still not satisfied
‘Cause when the two theories collide
All hell breaks loose, and you’ve fashioned a noose
To tie it all together with string— NO!

Cut the strings
I won’t jump through your hoops
I don’t believe in your loops
Of string

Cut the strings
Physics doesn’t demand
any vibrating band
Of string.

Sure, Freezepop’s Science Genius Girl
promotes science (and the role of women in scientific research), but this is the first song I’ve heard that mentions superstring theory.

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