It’s A Fine, Fine Line Between Faith and Gullibility

Dan Manassas, Th.D., writes to the author of All Things Human:

The shameful persecution of Kent Hovind, one of God’s most upright and dedicated ministers, shows that it’s you Darwinist Marxists who really control the U.S. government. The founder of Creation Science Evangelism, he works entirely for God, has no income, no property and no expenses. Despite this, he is able to make continuous bank withdrawals for $9,500 or $9,600 (just below the federal reporting limit). Instead of seeing this as a miracle and a sign of the grace that God has bestowed on his faithful servant, the government has indicted him for tax evasion.


Update, Jul. 25, 2006: If you doubt the authenticity of this message, I can’t blame you. It might be tongue-in-cheek, or it might not. Given that there are no blatant blinking smileys,
Poe’s Law

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