Fundies Have No Sense of Humor

Today’s nominee for Stupidest Person on the Planet O’ the Day is Pete from March Together for Life, for his post condemning Miss Caroline Weber for looking forward to her abortion. The only problem… let me take that back. The first obvious problem is that the article he’s criticizing is from the Onion.

(Note to Very Stupid People With No Sense Of Humor: the Onion is a satirical publication. The stories that appear in it are not true.)

After 1500 people wrote comments telling him how clueless he was, he dug himself a deeper hole by defending why he didn’t recognize the Onion’s article as satire. The best part is toward the end:

Hmm, let’s look up the term satire:

“witty language used to convey insults or scorn; “he used sarcasm to upset his opponent””

Hint: If someone accuses you of not understanding satire, it doesn’t help your case to cite the definition of sarcasm.

A bit later, he showed what he thinks of education:

The last person said “I don’t know any college educated folks who don’t know the site [the Onion]”, which proves my point that our children are brainwashed in the public school system.

which probably explains this:

Do you see how they slip their agenda into a “satirical” piece? Oral contraceptives cause abortions too, just at an earlier stage than hospital abortions.

Can anyone who doesn’t know the difference between contraception and abortion be said to hold an informed opinion on the subject?

But in his current latest article, he writes:

Point one – My article was a joke, which obviously thousands of you didn’t get, all the while accusing me of being the stupidest person on the planet.

I like to think that I have a sense of humor. I’ve even been called funny on occasion. So if anyone sees the (intentional) humor in his”>Pete’s article, could you please explain it to me?

Aside: in his last article, Pete says that several commenters posted his personal information. There’s been a lot of that going on, and I just wanted to say that that’s inappropriate. Pete may be a humorless, ignorant person with reprehensible opinions, but he still has as much of a right to express himself semi-anonymously as anyone else on the Net. So knock it off. Let’s not stoop to the level of Michelle Malkin and Operation Rescue.

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