What is God’s THAC0?

From the Montgomery Advertiser, by way of Pharyngula (who got it from Phil Plait, who probably got it from Agnes), we get this write-your-own-punchline article:

Worried about the safety of her family during a stormy Memorial Day trip to the beach, Clara Jean Brown stood in her kitchen and prayed for their safe return as a strong thunderstorm raged through Baldwin County.

Suddenly, lightning exploded, blowing through the linoleum and leaving a pockmarked area on the concrete. Brown wound up on the floor, dazed and disoriented by the blast but otherwise uninjured.

“I said, ‘Amen,’ and the room was engulfed in a huge ball of fire,” she said. “I’m blessed to be alive.”

Sounds like the blessing she could’ve used would be to not get hit by lightning in the first place. Why is it that Christopaths always thank God for doing a lousy job of killing them?

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