God and Free Will

This may be an old argument, but I just ran across it on a random podcast:

One argument for the lack of clear evidence of God is that it would undermine free will: anyone who knew for a fact that God exists would be overcome with goodness or something, and in the presence of such a cosmic carrot, would effectively lose the ability to sin.

To this the counterargument is, what about Satan? Satan supposedly had direct proof of God, talked to him, met him at the workplace, and so forth. But he still rebelled.

One might retort that Satan was angelic, not human. But then either Satan had more free will than humans do (in which case one must wonder why God didn’t build humans the same way), or Satan had less free will, in which case the whole thing was a setup.

Discuss in the comments. Next week, we’ll address an equally weighty question: whether the Millennium Falcon can beat the Enterprise in a fight.

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2 Responses to God and Free Will

  1. JF says:

    The Enterprise.
    It has targeting computers and phasers and different sorts of high-tech torpedos. The Falcon’s inferior weapons have to be fired manually and it’s all kind of haphazard and hitty-missy, whereas the captain of the Enterprise just has to say “Target their starboard drive” and he’s won after the press of a button.

    And the Satan thing? I thought it WAS a set up, all part of the Grand Plan to inject Free Will into the world. God needed a temptation for humans to exercise their Free Will or else they’d not realize there was an alternative way and they’d just be all goody-goody all the time, and then all that Free Will stuff would have been a waste of divine time, A WASTE, I TELL YOU.

    Oh, and if you wanted really complex evasion manoeuvres, you’d probably have to know how to speak Wookie.


  2. arensb says:

    and then all that Free Will stuff would have been a waste of divine time, A WASTE, I TELL YOU.

    So what? The Divine Compiler would have just optimized it out.

    And anyway, what if Luke was using the Force for targeting? And what if Troi sensed him using the Force for targeting?


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