Golden Credit

So I hear we as a country now have a brand shiny new credit limit debt ceiling. Nine trillion dollars. Or 9e12 as nerds write it.

Allow me to establish some facts before I get to my main point:

From these facts, and some simple unit conversions, we find that it would cost $50,316,759.87 to buy enough gold to cover a square mile (and who says you can’t get anything for fifty million bucks anymore?).

Nine trillion smackers divided by $50,316,759.87 equals 178,866,8432.

Therefore, if we maxed out our national credit card, we could gold-plate Nevada, South Carolina, Maryland, Vermont, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Obviously, it doesn’t help that the borrow-and-spend Republicans have already spent most of that money. That’s why they had to raise the limit in the first place.

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