A Jim Pinkoski Treasure Trove

Long-time readers of Pharyngula have been treated to PZ Myyrrzz’s (“If you doubt this is possible, how is it there are PIGMIES + DWARFS??“), so I was pleased to discover a veritable treasure trove of Pinkoski’s work.

Some of my favorites:

10 thoughts on “A Jim Pinkoski Treasure Trove”

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  2. The links to “UFOs and Satan” is the same as “Jesus’ destructive light”. Love the DUNCE cap, the irony became too thick for me to move out of my chair.


  3. A fascinating individual. I especially liked the separation of church and state and the dunce ones.

    But most telling was his condemnation of 007, not because James Bond, the fictional character, makes a living by killing people, but because he… well here’s his blurb:

    The film industry often glorifies improper role models, and 007 has been one of the most popular “fornicators” to mock God’s moral standards — Sean Connery may be a very nice person, but his role in those James Bond movies gave many impressionable people the misleading idea that sinning is “acceptable” when it is definitely NOT acceptable to God!

    Man, oh man…


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